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We support Loudoun County’s Half-day Kindergarten programs with a half day of STEM enrichment at our unique learning environment called KinderLab.  We provide a lab room setting fully equipped to include a child reading/research room.  Unlike a full day of crowded rooms at public school kindergarten, you child will be given a half-day to freely explore and learn cutting edge STEM products and programs to compliment their current activities in school.  Our program also has a deliberate effort to analyze their interests and encourage them to start focusing on career paths.

KinderLab sessions are in the morning or afternoon opposite your child’s current half-day public/private school schedule.

Pick up is available at most Leesburg elementary schools with our TYKE Center vans.

We instill a love for math, science, and technology in children at an early age, incorporating hands-on experimentation, learning games, and kinesthetic activities into our classes for kids attending half-day Kindergarten in Leesburg and Ashburn.

We encourage children to utilize their five senses as we tie in fun read-alouds, engaging learning games, and captivating manipulatives to expose children to science, math, and engineering concepts.

Kindergartners explore the Five Senses through sensory centers. Here are some examples:


Students play with magnifying lenses and rocks, a hologram maker, and I-Spy books.cropped-61bwhBTyriL._SL1001_.jpg


Students play computer based electronic drums and pianos by using circuits connected to play-doh.


Students compared the texture of various materials and objects from nature.  The introduced to chemistry by making fun goo and slime projects.  They also used everyday liquids to demonstrate the different levels of the ocean.


Students smelled different candy oils and tried to guess what scent they were sniffing.


Students were blindfolded and tasted various flavors of Skittles.  They then had to guess what flavor they had tasted.

At KinderLab we let imaginations run wild in engineering projects by designing Lego neighborhoods and building simple robots.

At KinderLab our programs are structured primarily for tactile learners through Project-bases Learning Systems.

Give us a try.  Schedule a free-day of learning today!

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